Ensenada, Mexico  2014


Built for the Toris Ramos family a pastor, his wife and 7 kids, this family is dear to our hearts because of their kindness and genuine friendship.

Thank you: Grace and Daniel, Darcy, Micheal, Madeline and Ian, Felix and Sandy, Michelle and Tell, Hope, Hannah and Naomi, and the YWAM Ensenada staff who

work so hard to help us.


Ensenada, Mexico  2014

Built for Denisse and her grandmother Maria whose house had burned to the ground. It was truly incredible for us to bless this family with a beautiful home that was 100% donated by our friends the Foster family.   

Thank you: Lance, Kelly and Graham Foster, Frank, Felicia and Toenis, Omar and Stephanie, Danny, Jake and Jennifer, Ellie, Mitch, Naomi and John and Jane Ray


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