Ensenada, Mexico  2015

Built for the Aguirre Lopez Family. 

Alvaro and Johana have been married for 3 years. When they got married, they rented a house, but later were unable to pay the rent and moved in with Johana's brother.  They started looking for land, but Johana's aunt decided to sell some land on the same street they were living. Alvaro bought the land from Johana's aunt. They are very happy because they finally have a place to live. Immediately, Alvaro built a small structure with pallets and pieces of old scrap wood, and the roof covered in tarps. Alvaro lost his job at a factory when they had to let go of a lot of their employees. He is currently working as a fisherman with a friend of his. His salary is very unstable and earns around $50 a week, but it can be more or less. Johana isn't working because she is studying to finish high school. Their son is taken care of by his grandma.

Thank you: Michele and Tel Sears, Corrie, Natalie and Ally Hodge, Tracy, Sam and Kalesha Harris, Kelly, Harper and Lance Foster, Mikey Hernandez, and Jane, John, Hannah and Naomi.


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