who loved travelling the world with her family as they worked with a variety of

humanitarian organizations. 


On October 3, 2009, Olivia and her older sister Hannah were excited to take part in a one mile fun run near their home. As Olivia began to cross the road at a crosswalk near the University of Arkansas, a car driven by a university student did not slow down or stop, severely hitting Olivia. 


She passed away  hours later lovingly surrounded by her family.


Dedicated to Olivia, Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need.




Olivia Ray was a beautiful ten year old little girl

Our Mission

Dedicated to Olivia Ray,

Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need.

Nineteen Homes in 8 Years

Olivia's Basket is a natural extension of our family as we continue to serve. It is not meant as a way to give value to Olivia's life, because we believe her life already had a beautiful intended purpose. And though she was young, Olivia loved being able to help others.


And this is what Olivia's Basket is dedicated to; helping others.

To date, through generous gifts, and hundreds of volunteers,

we have built new homes in both Mexico and Honduras.


Each day when Olivia left for school she heard,

"Olivia be a light today. You never know if there is somebody who

who needs a hug or just needs needs someone to be nice to them."


This is why we are here. And this is what we love doing; telling

everyone we meet that good things happen when we work together.


Please explore oliviasbasket.org and be encouraged.


And consider being a special part of helping others

in honor of a special girl.


Thank you from all of us. We are the Ray family,

Jane John, Hope, Hannah, Naomi and Olivia

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Dedicated to Olivia Ray, Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need. Join us.