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Generosity has raised $11,000 of our $12,500 goal. Please consider helping build a home for Noemi and her sons.

Thank you so very much.

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And in recognition of your support, we have a gift(s) to say thank you:

$100 specialized Olivia's Basket Sticker

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$1000 the whole shebang

Olivias Basket Alumni Distance Housebuild

Since February 2010, Olivia's Basket has had over 490 volunteers from around the globe help build 23 beautiful homes for families in need.

This past year, we were had amazing big plans to build four new homes including another Las Chulas all Ladies housebuild.

Covid may have changed our plans, but not our dreams.

When we heard houses were once again given the greenlight to be built in Ensenada, we asked how can we be part?

Staff in Ensenada has been ready to put their hammers to nails for awhile. So we jumped on the plan to provide a new home for family by providing the necessary funds to make it happen, with local staff doing the actual build of the house.

This is why we are asking you, every Olivia's Basket alumni to help build another very special home this January 2021 by joining us in raising the funds

to make it happen.

We may not be picking up hammers and paint brushes together, but we will be building a home together.


Our goal:


$10,000 for the home

$2500 to bless the staff who help build

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How it works:
Our special friends the Flores Girls will be at the build site each day of the build and will live stream portions of the build for all of us to see and be part of.

Let's break new ground and do something that has never been done before.

Why not?

There are lots of ways you can help build this home:

1. Donate and be generous

2. Tell your friends about this amazing homebuild

3. Gather a group of friends and get involved as a group

and each member can also spread the word to others to be part

4. Share it all on social media

Thank you for all you have done in the past to help families have hope.

And please consider taking part in this special and unique home we know is desperately needed.

We deeply appreciate you.