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#14 Ensenada, Mexico 2016

Built for:

Martha and Lorenzo met while working in the fields. Lorenzo talked to Martha's parents and asked them for their daughter's hand in marriage. They lived with Martha’s family for 8 years and their son Michel was born. Martha's parents decided to sell their land and Lorenzo and Martha were forced to buy their own land on credit. They used materials from their parent's old house to build the house where they currently live. Martha's sister is living with them along with her husband and their new baby. They all work in the fields while Martha's sister Alicia stays home with her baby and Michel. They have been living in this house for 2 years and pay $118 a month as a payment. For this reason they all work and they still struggle to cover all their costs of living. Their house is a room made from reclaimed pieces of wood. They have a small stove and all sleep on the floor in one small bedroom. They haven't even been able to buy furniture because so much of their earnings go to paying off their land.

Thank you:

Jane, John and Hannah Ray,

Danny Lloyd-Jones, Mike, Darcy and Ian Hansen,

Holi Shih Family (6 people), Michelle and Tel Sears, Mandy, Frank, Hannah, Adam and Natalie Broadstreet, Melissa Lloyd- Jones, Pedersen Family (5)

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