Ensenada, Mexico  2015
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Built for the Antonio & Victoria Ramirez Santiago

Antonio and Victoria are from Oaxaca, Mexico. They came to Ensenada looking for jobs and to have a better life. They have 3 children and the youngest has asthma. Antonio works packing vegetables with a asalary of 900 pesos (about $50 USD). It has been difficult for them to build a better house.

Thank you: Paige and Grayson Young, Ian/Darcy/ Micheal and Madeline Hansen, Kieran Schweitzer, Natalie/ Hannah/ Adam, Frank and Mandy Broadstreet, Michele and Tel Sears, Kelly and Lance Foster, Monique and Dale Hermann, Melissa and Ted Lloyd-Jones, Grace Hill, Hannah and Danny Lloyd-Jones, Naomi, Jane and John


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