Ensenada, Mexico  2018

Built for Valencio, Libia, Angel and Aitanaa Moralez Cruz

Valencio and Libia are both factory workers who each earn $44 a week.

There present home consists of one room with a dirt and cement floor and a tarp for a roof. Their family story: Libia comes from Oaxaca. Her brother asked her to come live in Ensenada with him where she started work in a factory. After some very hard times, Libia met Valencio who gave her some property, Now that Libia has a lot in her name she wants to build a home. Valencio gave her some property and now that Libia has a lot in her name, she wants to build a home.

Thank you: Gabe/Pam/Sean/Luke/Aleya and Pam Carson, Corrie/Trevor/Natalie/Allison/Orion Hodge, Bo Tate, Jordan Cook, Colton Townsend, Ben and Sam Boyle, Aaron Dent, Michela Hedges, Alex Boyd, Connor Murphy, Katia Valui, Teri Naylor, Arik and Emma Andersen, John, Jane and Naomi


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