Ensenada, Mexico  2015

Built for the Angelica Othon Ramirez Family

Pablo and Angelica Othon Ramirez moved 5 years ago and have two children: Nayeli Yoselin (2) and Juan Diego (5). They sleep, cook, eat in a small room that is a very unsafe. Angelica stays home to take care of the kids. Pablo works at a taco stand earning approximately $145 USD per week. They hope for a house where they don't feel cold and afraid of the rainy season. They want a home where they can feel safe.

Thank you: Maria, Tuva and Maria Berglihn, Sam and Ben Wassem, Jordan Cook, Aaron Dent, Josie and Clary Lawson, Linda and Kevin Murphy, Connor Murphy, Eloa Jane Pereira, Teresa Naylor, Cayse Quatro, Summer Stout, Colton Townshend, Micheal Belton, Hannah and Danny lloyd0Jones, Naomi, Jane and John


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