Las Chulas All Ladies Build

Ensenada, Mexico September 19-23, 2019

"My name is Betzabe Carbajal. I am a single mom to two girls, Alyssa (12 years) and Arely (6 years). I have no one to help me and I work really hard to take care of my girls. My first husband disappeared from my life and my second marriage did not go well. I live in a really small RV. We do not have any privacy because we all sleep in the same bed. I work as a cook and I also make desserts to sell. I am really excited to get a house because it would mean I would have more space to do that on my own. Thank you very much and God bless you."

LAS CHULAS (pictured): Cynthia Smith, Stephanie Murillo, Monique Herman, Michele Sears, Jane Ray, Liz Pachter, Hannah Lloyd-Jones, Hannah Joannes, Darcy Hansen, Jocelyn Clifner, Baylea Cantrel and (not pictured) Esther, Mikah, Claudia, Bethany, Abbey, Rachel and Sam


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