We have been asked,

"How long will you keep building homes?"

Jane's answer has always been, as long as there are caring people, who are generous enough to financially

contribute, we will keep at it.

Funding for the homes we build come from a variety of sources all starting with people who care:

  Eat Build Love - our yearly Olivia's Basket event

  Individual donations

  Companies committed to helping deserving families in need


As a family, we have agreed, we are committed to this. 

We consider it a privilege. Every gift we receive that helps 

is incredibly special.


This is why we have a

donation button for

you to consider.


One click can make a big



Thank you.


Do I get a receipt?





it's a very good thing

just one click

Donations for the homes have come from surprising and inspiring places:

*The 7th Graders from Holt Middle School adopted Olivia's Basket as their charity to sponsor and learn from.

They excitedly raised $1500.

*A very special girl asked all her friends coming to her birthday party to bring donations to Olivia's Basket

instead of gifts for her.

*Two young girls in Portland, Oregon had a lemonade stand and yard sale to help build a house.

Contributions came from all over.

*As well as a family in Fayetteville who selected Olivia's Basket to build a house in memory of a young boy who had passed away.

*Then there is the family who were so inspired after joining us on a build that they created the 50/50 Project to raise funds. For their 50th birthday's they challenged their friends and family to match their own donation.

*Individuals generously gave through Olivia's memorial. It was extraordinary.

*Darcy and Mike Hansen ran forty nine miles raising $16,000 to build two New Homes for families. 

Abide Collective is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the state of Arkansas. Transparency in our financials and program impact is of the highest priority to us. You can view our most recent IRS 990 form and our organization information here.


Dedicated to Olivia Ray, Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need. Join us.