eat. build. love. 

The fact is, we want to build more homes to

help families in need.


The fact is, supplies and building materials cost money.


The fact is, we have seen extreme generosity from people around the world help these homes get built.


FACT: each home costs $8000 for a 16'x20' house

FACT: it takes a team of 15 people to build a house

FACT: it only takes two days from start to finish

FACT: lives are changed forever


A Special Benefit for Olivia's Basket

Eat Build Love is the very first event we have held for Olivia's Basket. It was an evening filled with really good food, donations from people who care, volunteers who believe in what we do and incredible vision to help others. We are grateful to everyone who attended and have given to help build more homes. 



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Thank you Julie Remington for the beautiful photo's.  


Dedicated to Olivia Ray, Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need. Join us.