Karen Beatty

Jesus is the King of my heart always and forever.  He calls me to be beautiful, strong, pure and good.  My life chapter (for this season anyway) is Isaiah 61.  My words for this year REBUILD RESTORE RENEW AND REJOICE. ( That is if I can’t be Wonder Woman)


I am coming because I love Jesus, I love Jane Ray and her family and all that they represent with Olivia’s Basket.  I love Olivia even though I never met her because of her passion for Jesus and missions ( and a paint roller).  My Dad was a House Flipper before they were a thing, so I love construction.  I loved the  Homes of Hope build in 2013.  To get a personal invitation and be counted as one of the cool chicks in your life...I am so honored.


My hopes for the build are fun times, hard work,laughter, sweat ,That we can all use our “strength” to do something beautiful for God, and a Family... also I have a beautiful and strong pink hammer and I am not afraid to use it ( Neil says I shouldn’t bring it because you will have all tools there.  I guess if I don’t check luggage I can’t ) Okay.  Ha ha.... you know I am terrible about the whole “ write a few sentences” thing Las Chulas.

Sonya Bitner

A little about myself… I love Jesus. I love my family.  I love my friends. They encourage me to trust God, love people, and believe in something bigger than myself. Sometimes I’m a mess (well a lot of the time actually) and I don’t know why He puts up with me, but He does. Life can be difficult..  but God’s mercy and grace continues to keep my head above water. I am blessed.


I want to come on this build because it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to be a part of a project. I want to be a part of something that blesses someone else.


My hope for the build:  to put myself out there… outside my comfort zone.. challenge myself with something new, the privilege of getting to know and love on a family , enjoy working on a project and spending quality time with my chicas, trust God for the details.

Jordan Cook

What can I say about myself? Well, I love helping others. This will be my fourth house-build, but certainly not my last (probably not even for the year). I will be graduating high school in May and currently I'm trying to get enrolled in the U of A's architecture program for the fall.


I'm coming on this house build to get to know and work with some of the most amazing women in the world. Together we will give some family a better home and possibly a better life.


My hopes for the build are getting to know a new family and having them help me more than I could ever help them. I don't think the families that are being helped ever realize what a blessing they are to the families that are helping. They teach us so much about the values of life.

Darcy Hansen

I’m a steady-paced runner, who is slowly making her way through the Master of Divinity program at Portland Seminary. Over the past few years, God has deconstructed, and is now reconstructing, my faith, my family, my marriage, and much of what I’ve ever believed about church. I’m a recovering legalist, perfectionist, and help-aholic. I have a deep love for family, friends, building homes for others, serving with Africa New Life Ministries in Rwanda, and beautifully wrapped, small batch, fairly traded chocolate. I’m a brave stepper who is super excited to journey on this faith adventure with other wanderers, wonderers, and misfits.


I am going on this build because Jane Ray invited me, and I always try to to say Yes! to any invite she extends to me. Plus, building a home with a family and handing them keys for their new space is simply a little slice of heaven. Building it with others I love dearly, is just over the top grace! I’m giddy for this opportunity!


My hope is that the family and those on the build know they are deeply loved and seen by God, and that His plans and purposes for their lives are so very good; even in the hard and in the waiting, grace and goodness are there.

Cindy Turley

Wife and mother of two adult women, last one in college.  Empty nester, finding time to do some things that I felt I couldn't do while raising children.


Love Jesus, want to be His hands and feet, make a difference, give back from the abundance I have been given.  I have heard so many good things about this organization from my sweet friend, Michele Sears.


Obviously to provide shelter for someone in need, but mostly to let them know that they matter.  And, get to know some cool chicks! :)

Jane Ray

I like to dream. And sometimes those dreams are big. Too big for myself, but looking long at life, God has continued to do big things using a simple dreamer.


I have had a dream (another one) for five years to build a home surrounded by women I admire. It's not to prove that a group of ladies can build a house. That's obvious isn't it? It's to do something extraordinary that when we look back, and we will, not only will God be able to say, "well done", but, perhaps, we can too.


We are to be His hands and His feet sharing His love. It's all about love. Extending that by example. Let's be His example to a beautiful family. Sore arms, paint covered clothes...all of it...and we love you Olivia.

Bigtha Rubi - "A" BUILDER

I dream big and love to set goals that challenge me and I try until I accomplish them and my faith has no limits. I enjoy serving others, I am creative, brave, I am a wife, mother, missionary, kitchen manager, worship leader and homeschool my kids.


I am in this Build because in the year of 2000 my parents receive a HOH that transform my life in just 2 days and I was called to do it for others, so I joined YWAM, learned English and got trained to lead the builds (I was the first girl that became an forman or a forwoman? I have lead 386 homebuilda and it is one of my biggest passions.


I hope to make new friends, to be a blessing to the family and each person on our team and be open to what God wants to do in me during this special time.


Bigtha is our "A" Builder who will oversee the entire build. Basically, we do everything she tells us to do.

Havah Kinne

I'm a crazy girl balancing working for the Walmart Home office, grad school to start my second career in Marriage and Family Therapy/Clinical Mental Health, and the weirdo wonderful world of foster parenting. Most of the time I really love my life - and sometimes I am really grateful for the chance to "run away" and do great things like build a house with a group of women whom I cannot wait to know better!

There are several reasons I am on this build:

Jane Ray has been my best friend for over half my life. When she asks me to do anything, it is a no brainer. 

Second, I was there when Olivia was born. That is a privilege that I still look back on and wonder at how it all came about. To continue to honor her life through Olivia's basket and loving others tangibly is a privilege.

Third. Being a part of something bigger than me and the everyday things I get distracted by is a very good thing.

Four. This is going to be a BLAST, and I'm getting to reconnect with some women I already know, love and respect, and to meet other amazing women.

I'm hoping for a recharge of my spirit. I'm hoping for sweet time with precious women. I'm hoping that I am a blessing. I'm hoping to laugh a lot.

Cynthia Smith

Hi Everyone!  My name is Cynthia. I love people and am so fortunate to meet people from all over the world everyday through working with international students.  I work in our university international office and my husband works with ISCA (International Student Christian Association) a ministry to international students.  I love to try new things, travel, cuddle dogs, eat chocolate, and be involved with things that impact people.  Strengths Quest says that my 5 top strengths are relator, arranger, belief, responsibility and positivity.


I have been waiting to build a house for Olivia and for a deserving family for years.  Olivia was my daughter's plus one, the one who I drove around in the back seat of my van, who had tea parties on my kitchen table, climbed all of my trees, who loved being with the international students who were a part of my family.  Now I get to go to a country that she loved and do something that she loved.  I get to serve Jesus, who is my Lord, and help change the future for a family.


I hope I can do it!  Please help me to learn how to drive a nail in straight.  I hope to learn from the Mexican culture.  I hope to grow in my relationship with God.  I hope to walk the beach with Jane :)  I hope to share this amazing experience with my daughter Bekah.  I hope to be salt and light.

Lory Brown

I am a Mom to four grown children and am secretly longing for grandchildren. My husband and I own Good Shepherd Senior Care. I met Jane over twenty years ago when we worked in the Communications office at Youth With A Mission. I was actually her boss! It was an all female group kind of like this build. I love meeting people and learning about who they are. This build is perfect for that.

I want to be with my "homies" on the build and do something incredible for a family. My kids and the Ray kids grew up together. We dearly love Olivia and I have wanted for years to be part of this.

I hope for great fellowship and to be a true blessing to this family. I have seen God do so many beautiful things and I am sure this will be added to the list.

Laurie Norris

My name is Laurie Norris.  I have been married for 30 years (Jane was in my wedding!!).  My husband and I have 4 kids.  I've been a Christian for 35 years and have been with Youth With A Mission since 1983. 


Jane invited me on this build and I just HAVE to be there.  I've been wanting to be a part of this for quite some time, in honor of Olivia.  I am grateful I am finally coming!


My hopes for the build are to be a blessing!  I also pray we will all be wise and safe!  (I am no spring chicken, more like an autumn one, and broke my back 1.5 years ago!!)  I look forward to laughter, sisterhood and giving my all.

Donna Edwards

I love being a mom to three college age kids. I work as an administrator at a senior living facility. I met Jane a longggg time ago at Youth With A  Mission. Our friendship has endured a lot of life. I truly love to help people and look forward to meeting everyone coming.

This is something I have always wanted to do and to do this with these amazing women is simply the best.

My hope is simple really, I am going to "be" and let God do whatever He wants to do and watch and see all that God does.

Destiny Norris

My name is Destiny and I am 21 years old. I am getting married on April 7 of this year to a beautiful British man and am moving to England soon after! I love Jesus with all my heart and am following Him everyday into a future of creativity and adventure. Art, fashion, music and creativity are close to my heart and I live to see Jesus transform the Church to bring more of Him and a Kingdom culture into these spheres of our world. I believe this will begin by taking steps of faith to change the square feet in front of you. We are creative beings, created by a creative God, directly involved in creating the future with our Creator King and I long to do this with my every day.


I have been directly affected by Olivia's Basket and it's beautiful heart to help when my brother passed away while I was living in Mexico at the YWAM Tijuana base and I was unable to get home for the funeral. Olivia's Basket paid for my ticket home and back to finish my Bible school. The Ray family and the YWAM ministry in Mexico are both so dear to my heart. I spent a year and a half living in Mexico at the Tijuana base and love the heart to transform their communities through this amazing ministry of love.


My hopes for the build are to take part in what Jesus is doing in a community that was once a huge part of my life and growth. I know that Jesus will surprise us! My greatest hope and the joy of this build is that we can bless a family and impact their hearts with the abundance and love of Jesus; to build upon new and old relationships with some kickass sisters in Christ; and to honor and cherish the memories of Olivia (and Luke) that we carry in our hearts by doing something that they would have been the first to sign up for. 

Anabel Flores

Dreamer day and night. Love meeting new people, cultures and languages. I love seeing how through what can seem the smallest actions of love God transforms souls for eternity.

I know this build has been a dream in Jane's heart for a while and I feel honored and excited to be part of it. Last year on the bus ride back from building she told us about it, now it’s a real thing. Dreams come true baby.

For this build I pray that we can empower one another and that this (first Chulas build) doesn’t stop here but that it becomes a great movement. Olivia te amamos.

Jami Vance

Hi Everyone—I’m Jami! I am single and a mom to two wonderful adult children. My Son is a firefighter/EMT and married and has given me my sweetest blessing, my first grandchild! My daughter is attending college at UAFS and this has left me with an empty nest. I currently am the Director of Operations for Good Shepherd Senior Care & Transportation and am given the honor of helping the elderly every day. I absolutely love what I do!


I was invited by Lory Brown to go on this build. She knows me better than anyone and knows this is completely out of my “comfort zone”, so I am excited to see how all of this turns out! Since I have known Lory, I have told her that I want to go on a mission trip of some sort and bless other people and this is her making my dream a reality! I have never seen the ocean, I have never traveled outside of the United States, so there will be a lot of firsts for me! I am beyond excited and a bit nervous, to be honest!


My hope for the build: TO be a blessing, to see things I have never seen, to see God move in this family's life and to be around strong, independent women and enjoy fellowship! Oh and LOTS of laughter… I love to laugh!

Be Blessed!

Liz Marie Pachter

I served in Ensenada for three and a half years and absolutely loved it. From there I moved back to Arizona where I work with counseling students in higher education to meet their goals.  My heart is to love people and show hospitality in all different aspects. God wrecked my world in 2010 and showed me that living is worth it with Him.  I can’t cook with more than 7 ingredients, I sing beautifully in the car, and I have an internal magnet towards dogs.  Aside from that, I have never said no to sushi.


Being a part of this build is an honor.  Over the years I loved seeing the Ray family come through the base with such joy, love and desire to show God in every capacity. To work with them is an adventure worth being a part of. God knew what He was doing when He made their family.  Aside from that, there is something amazing about women coming together to show strength, love and a better looking home. 


My hope for this build is that it honors God and the memory of Olivia.  A good time is guaranteed but relationships aren’t.  So my hope is to meet others who and being used in the kingdom in unimaginable ways. 

Monique Herman

I am a firm believer in God, who has been richly blessed and I embrace any opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and to pass some of those blessings on to other people. I have three amazing, crazy, noisy, time-consuming, tears-of-frustration-inducing but lovable teenage boys who challenge me in every free moment. I run a software consulting business which consumes the vast majority of my days and moments. And I cancelled our family vacation to Cozumel to come on this build - which should tell you all you need to know about my patient and immensely supportive husband!


I had the wonderful opportunity to do an Olivia’s Basket build last year and found it an inspirational and moving experience - and I met so many wonderful and interesting people that expanded my horizons and gave me endless food for thought. In the end, we are the sum of our experiences and the broader we seek, the more we will grow. And the more we grow, the more we can give back.


I look forward to spending a few days working hard, in the sunshine, alongside people more focused on blessing others than themselves - and that is not something I encounter often in my chosen career, and is a gift worth more than you can imagine. You are all amazing, just for signing up for this venture, and I look forward to meeting all of you! And, Jane, there are no words express the value of what you are doing here. 

Naomi Ray

This will be my 17th housebuild with Olivia’s Basket. I am incredibly excited to be a part of a build that is all women. I love roofing and I like to teach people how to frame. I am 6’ tall, strong and can carry heavy stuff. I consider Mexico my second home.

I love Ensenada and I love having the opportunity to help people. These builds have become a part of me. They have helped build me into the person I am today. It is amazing that these families humble themselves to ask for help from complete strangers...how can we not help them. It’s not a matter of whether we are strong enough or good enough to help, if we have the ability, we should do it. It’s obvious isn’t it.

My hope for this build is to help all of us have the fullest experience possible because I know this changes peoples lives forever.

Michele Sears

I am an empty nester mom of 2 sons, small business owner, and a country girl at heart.  I love new adventures, traveling and digging in the dirt. Oh, and my corgis.  I love my corgis. ;)

I am coming in this particular housebuild because a) Jane Ray asked me to and I love being a small part of making her dreams come true and b) this is the best and most direct way I know to truly help those in need and c) I am willing to go a looooong way to eat fish tacos in the Corner of Goodness and to dine at El Pinar de 3 Mujeres.

My hopes for this build are for the new participants to fall in love with and have a continued passion for the work that Olivia’s Basket does in Ensenada through Homes of Hope.

I also feel SO very close to Jesus on these builds and I want and need more of that in my life.

Melissa Brown

A couple of words to describe me would be: energetic, adventurous loyal, giving, empathetic, and entertaining.


I’m coming on the housebuild in memory of Olivia <3


I hope to develop impacting relationships with those I meet on the trip, as well as strengthen my bond with God and those I already know that are attending the housebuild. Oh, and nice tan wouldn’t be too much to hope for either.

Holli Shih

I’m a mom to four. Wife to one. Adventurer. Wanna be runner, photographer, writer, hiker & gardener. An introvert to my core learning daily how to lay down my old self and truly become a new creation.

Most of the time I chase deep, 1-on-1 conversation and run fast from group situations. But to build a house with this group of amazing women? That’s a different story. Add Jesus and a hammer to the mix and I’m all in. 


Simply because serving others and extending the love Jesus has given me brings me pure joy. Whether that’s the poor and vulnerable in Rwanda, teen moms, a deserving family in Mexico, or the people who live in or next door to my house—when I’m invited to the throne of the king and asked to fulfill his purposes, the answer is a loud and fast, “Yes. Yes, please!”

 Elizabeth Flores         Bekah Smith            Stephanie Murillo        Ginger McHenry