June 3-7, 2021

Ensenada, Mexico

Each 16'x20" house costs $11,000. We rely on the generous contributions of people who care in order to build these homes. Please consider helping. It will change the lives of a family for generations. Thank you.

June 3 - Arrive San Diego airport before noon

We cross the border into Mexico and drive 1.5 hours south along the Baja coastline to Ensenada, Mexico.

June 4,5 - build an incredible home

June 7 - eat fish tacos, surf, explore downtown Ensenada

June 8 - fly home


A US passport is required for all participants.


Costs (these may change slightly):

$665 per adult (4 nights)

$485 per child ages 4-12 and under (4 nights)

Children 3 and under are free

(these costs may change)


All airfare to and from San Diego International (SAN) are additional fees per participant. We suggest you budget $450-$550.

How it works

"Our family has been blessed in so many ways. One of the blessings we’ve received was helping to build a house in Mexico for a family who didn’t have one. We worked side by side with the family, even the kids, hammering nails,

putting up walls, raising a roof and doing all the things that make a house solid and safe.

I pray the family will find the house a blessing, and use it for years to come and that it will change their lives as well."

Lance Foster



Dedicated to Olivia Ray, Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need. Join us.