The biggest butterfly

you'll ever see.

And the most beautiful.


When Olivia's classmates were asked what she liked the most, they said butterflies. And this was the start to help Olivia's bench become a reality.


They enlisted Eugene Seargent, a local artist who has created many of the ornamental and highly creative benches and fixtures at parks, restaurants and even coffee houses all over this area and beyond.


It was a privilege to visit his studio and see how he works, and the care and expertise he puts into every project he puts his hands to.


The bench rests in the very spot we would sit and watch all the children play on the playground after school. We would sit and talk about our lives and our families, knowing the very best part was always listening to laughter and seeing our kids play together.


We are deeply appreciative to everyone who donated to this and honored that it is so lovely and unique. Just like Olivia.


Thank you everyone.

The Butterfly Bench is a permanent fixture at Leverett Elementary School in Fayetteville, Arkansas where Olivia happily attended from Kindergarten to the beginning of the fourth grade. To view some more of Eugene's art, just click here.

This bronze plaque was added on Olivia's 15th Birthday by Eugene Sargent, our friend and most incredible artist. Thank you.


Dedicated to Olivia Ray, Olivia's Basket provides aid and support to special projects around the world, helping those in need. Join us.