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#26 Las Chulas
Ensenada, Mexico
April 28-May 2, 2022

Built for:

Carmelina (24) and her son Rogelio (3). Carmelina is a single mom who works in a greenhouse and also cuts hair from her home. She was living in one small room with her son and had desired not just a larger space but also a place where she feels safe.


She has not been able to build a house.  She did not earn enough to cover mortgage payments, living expenses and building materials.

Carmelina wrote us a letter:

Hello! I hope you guys are doing good, as well as the people you love. Through these words and letter, I want to express my gratitude and how happy I am for the huge blessing that you guys gave to Rogelio and myself.

I have no words to express the happiness I feel. I am very thankful to God for the blessing that he gave me through you guys. I know you guys made the impossible happen, so that my son and I would have a home to live and for that I am forever thankful. 


Since the day April 30 my life changed for good. Now I have my own home. My refuge in the hot days and in the cold ones too. Since then, my life has been very stable. I got back my security. I don’t feel alone anymore because I know there is people who love me, and I know one of them Is you.


I will always remember you with a lot of love, you, and your daughter. Well, actually the whole team “Las Chulas”. All of you are in my heart always. I know God loves me because I could experience it through all of you and what you did for me and I’m very very thankful and happy for what you guys did for me. 


I would love if you all lived here in Ensenada so I can see you all, give you a big hug and invite you over to my house for an Ice cream. I know it wouldn’t pay back all what you did for me.


I will be forever grateful. I say my goodbyes with a big hug and may God bless you and your family.


With love Rogelio and Carmelina.

Las Chulas:

Michele Sears, Monique Herman, Lindsay Mast, Kristine Sommer, Linda Siegel, Heidi Chang, Suzy Anderson, Ginny Mooney, Hazel Mooney, Cindy Turley, Carolyn Olson, Rachel Billingsley, Mae Billingsley, Jennifer Acuff, Jenny Beth Walker, Anna Grace Walker, Corrie Hodge, Norah Cully, Havah Kinne, Hannah Lloyd-Jones, Jane Ray

Contact Us

Box 891

Fayetteville, Arkansas   72702

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