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#27 EKKO
December 2-4, 2022
Ensenada, Mexico

Built for:

Yolanda and her son Erick and daughter Danara, Yolanda was born and raised in Ensenada. Her husband passed away a few years ago which has been very hard for her family.


Yolanda wrote, "One day we were able to acquire a property and were able to build a small place for us to live in. We have our mattresses on the ground and in the winter we get really sick because of it. For money, I sell clothes that people give me and sometimes also sell food outside of my son’s school...I’m very thankful that I’m finally getting a house! It is going to be such a help and blessing for us."


Thank you:

Jimmy Tam, Tim Hwang, Shane Lee, Paul Oh, Caroline Kim, Sara Kim, Cathy Kim, Jennifer Shin, Lesley Jewe, Kristy Dai, Christian Cho, Ariello Ok, John Ray

Click to see Yolanda getting the news she will have a new home. (please click for sound)

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