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#31 Las Chulas
Ensenada, Mexico
October 12-16, 2023


Built for:

Rosa, Kimberli and Andrea. Rosa has a visual disability due to an accident many years ago. Her only sources of income are a subsidy from the government that she uses for her land payment and help from her church. Rosa is a beautiful woman who deeply loves her daughters. In addition to building her new home, we helped provide school uniforms for her daughters, additional clothing and food.

Las Chulas:

Monique Herman, Sultana Johansen, Kristine Sommer, Donna and Siri Sommer, Ginny and Hazel Mooney, Katie and Norah Cully, Tracy St Clair, Carol Green, Michele Sears, Cindy Turley, Karen Mahan, Jennifer Acuff, Kerri Matthews, Anabele/Elizabet/Sarai/Debora Flores, Hannah Lloyd-Jones  Staff: Ashley De La Puente, Ana Hernandez, Julio Hernandez, Gama, Josh, Nelly, Marcos

Update: This video was put together in 2021. Since then Flora and her sister have spent many nights comfortable in their home and now have sturdy stairs and railing to help them easily access it.

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