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Change a community.

How the families are chosen:

Each family is carefully screened against a set of requirements to

make sure the most needy families receive our help.


The families we build for must have rights to their land; whether that means they own it, or are making payments.


The family has children under the age of 18. Typically families have 3 or more children.


Families who would not otherwise have means to build a home, and as such, make less than $100 US

per week.

Living Conditions: 

Families who have an immediate need for shelter are given the highest preference.

Special Circumstances: 

Families who may not meet all of the above criteria  may still qualify due to special circumstances.


This doesn't happen without a really good organization to work with.

We build primarily through Homes of Hope, an organization we were affiliated with years before Olivia's accident. Rather than try to tell it all to you here, get a detailed explanation of who Homes of Hope is and why they do what they do. It is truly inspiring.        Homes of Hope


How long does it take to build a home?

Each home is built in two full working days or a total of 16 hours. It takes approximately 15 people to build a house. Family teams with children 14 and under can be larger going up to 25 people.

Click an image to visit a home

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