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#23 Alumni Distance Build
Ensenada, Mexico 2021

Built for:

Noemi and her sons, Noemi works in a packing factory where her monthly salary is $4,800 pesos ($240 USD).  Her day begins early in the morning so she can prepare meals and get everything ready for her sons so they can attend school.


Noemi dreamed of having a comfortable, safe home for her sons and it is this dream that motivates her to continue working long hours and saving everything she can. Like all mothers, Noemi’s heart’s desire is that her sons can have the best life possible.  She didn’t want them to lose hope that one day God would give them a home.  And now, thanks to Olivia’s Basket and Homes of Hope, they will get to be part of building their own safe, strong home… together.

Thank you:

Josue, Jordan, Cajsa, Kristy, Omar, Itzel, Matias, Freddy, Mikah, Stephen, evelyn, Sarai, Pablo, josue, Gadiel, Andru, Guillermo, Karen, Zaid, Alex, Hannia, Jesse, Junny, Keren, Gonzalo, Eli, Sara, and Anabel

Contact Us

Box 891

Fayetteville, Arkansas   72702

Olivia's Basket is an integral part of the Abide Collective, a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Arkansas.

All donations will receive a tax receipt and are eligible for deduction


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