#22 Ekko Church and Recess

Ensenada, Mexico  2019
Screen  2019-12-30 at 12.53.10

Built for Edgar and Edgar Axcel Preciado Larios

The family story: Omar was born with cerebral palsy. His mother and father (Edgar) eventually separated and a few years later Edgar gained custody of Omar. Edgar bought a piece of land on credit. With money from wood he sold from his land, he bought a van which he parked on his new property; and he and his son lived in the van until some people helped him to build a house. Edgar works in different places, but does not have a steady full-time job and earns approximately $165 a week. A new home for Edgar and his son will change their lives forever and is truly a dream for their future.

Thank you: Janet Duh, Nicole Hwang, Angela Kim, Caroline Kim, Kathleen Kim, Michele Kim, Becca Wall, Edward Chen, Nicholas Han, Robert Jewe, Daniel Kim, Sung Kim, James Park, Jimmy Tam, Juliano Yi, Hansol Yoo, Matt/Ginny/Anders/Hazel Mooney, Josue Ochoa, Gama, Jane and John 


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