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#29 EKKO Summer
July 27-30, 2023
Tijuana, Mexico

Built for:

Mateo, his wife Soraida and his children Graciela (13) and Mateo (8). They left their home in Tabasco to find a better job in Rosarito. He saved money every week to be able to purchase land. They have been living in one room in their church sharing a single bed for three years. He reached out to have a home built for his family because of desperate need and the desire to help his family have a better life.


Thank you EKKO Church for making this build happen:

Andrew Yun, Andrew Park, Timothy Pae, Paul Oh, Taejin Moon, Shane Lee, Eusio Kim, Timothy Hwang, Zane Ahn, Michael Ahn, Jennifer Shin, Eunice Lee, Kristy Hwang, Stephanie Dai, Kathleen Kim, Mary Ahn, Zoe Ahn, Kelly Foster, Jane Ray and staff: Julio Perez, Salvador Partida, Gonzalo Salas, Francisco Jara, Sharon Villarruel, Chino

Contact Us

Box 891

Fayetteville, Arkansas   72702

Olivia's Basket is an integral part of the Abide Collective, a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Arkansas.

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