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#20 Ensenada, Mexico 2019

Built for:

Dulce (28), Ruth (5), Catalina and Rosalino Dulce is a single Mom to an incredible five year old daughter Ruth who loves to laugh and play. Her husband left her when Ruth was two years old. Dulce is a strong woman who built their present home herself that she lives in with her Mother and Father. the family has a combined income of approximately $130. She wants her daughter to have a life filled with hope and opportunities and knows having a home of their own will help provide just that.

Thank you:

Sela and Margie Sanders, Harper/Kelley/Lance Foster, Taylor Riner, Maria/Tuva/Maria Berglihn, Grace Hill, Melissa Lloyd-Jones, Sabina/Anders/Emilie/Anton/Freya Zepernick, Genna Dilday, Natalie Hodge, Piper Friesen, Kelesha Harris, Beckie Irvin, Hannah & Danny Lloyd-Jones, Aaron Dent, Rafe & Finley Stokes, Bo Tate, Ellie/Anabel/Sarai Flores, Tita de Leon (host), Scott Durham (Captain), Jane and John

Contact Us

Box 891

Fayetteville, Arkansas   72702

Olivia's Basket is an integral part of the Abide Collective, a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Arkansas.

All donations will receive a tax receipt and are eligible for deduction


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