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#27 EKKO
December 2-4, 2022
Ensenada, Mexico

Built for:

Mayra and her children Jairo and Ximena, Mayra is a single mother who sells second hand clothing as an income for her family.


Mayra wrote: "For me as a mom it's been very hard because I'm the only one working in my house. I want to thank the team and all of the people who are going to come build our house for us. I am so excited that soon, my kids won't be cold any more."


Thank you:

Bryan Kim, Isak Yoon, Enoch Park, Euiso Kim, Min Lee, Kathy Kim, Crystal oh, Stephanie Dai, Mary Ahn, Joshua Kim, Zoe Ahn, Jane Ray

Contact Us

Box 891

Fayetteville, Arkansas   72702

Olivia's Basket is an integral part of the Abide Collective, a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Arkansas.

All donations will receive a tax receipt and are eligible for deduction


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