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Yolanda and her son in a most amazing and beautiful moment.

(click for sound)

We built two new homes the first week of December. Yolanda and her family and Mayra and her family sleep in beds off the floor, windows that keep out the dust and a new insulated roof. Things we take for granted. But things that make an immeasurable difference to Yolanda and Mayra.

We want to thank you for caring. And not just for this special time of year, but throughout the year.

We have a big year ahead but today we are relishing the beauty of Yolanda and Mayra's stories.

Thank you all so very much.
Jane, John, Hope, Hannah and Danny, Naomi and Zane and always Olivia.

Please consider us in your end of year giving as we continue to hope and dream of helping more families. We are always honored by your friendship and generosity. Blessings.

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